Small bark readily available
Please don't pay for large or X Large
unless given the go ahead. 
There is a waiting list 
Sorry for the inconvenience.
We are restocking as quickly as possible
To all my facebook friends.  I've lost access to my page (Western Can. Bark Sales)
Please find me @ Western Can. Cottonwood Bark on FB and re-ad me.
All carvers are welcome!

Note: Western Can. only sells full size boxes of bark. 

If you want single pieces or smaller amounts, please see link below or on the side. 
Same bark, separate company. 
Singles smaller boxes readily available.
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Carver of the Month Winner


August 2017 Carver of the Month
Alec Lacasse

Alec Lacasse Carving

Welcome to Western Can. Cottonwood Bark Sales
Your NO.1 Source for Bark 
We harvest black cottonwood bark and are proud to be able to send you the best carving bark from
North West British Columbia.
Excellent for carving tree spirits, whimsical houses, castles and much more!
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 Be creative! You're an artist.

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Our Hours  Please leave a message anytime.  Boxes are normally filled on Saturday and Sunday then shipped on the next business day.
7 days per. week.  Please leave a message if unable to reach me.


For Boxes of Bark Please Call
1(250)697-2925 (Lesly)

 For Single Pieces or small boxes
1(250)845-8203 (Caitlin) 

 (Leave a message) 
7 days per.week
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We have good sized small bark immediately available.  
There is always a waiting list for X LG. Specialty Bark
please always keep your name on this list to avoid a long wait.
Until further notice there will be waiting list for Large Bark as well.
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"The Engineer"

Carver of the Month

October 2017 

"The Engineer"
Collaboration by Don Blackwell & Art Sauder

Collaboration by

Don Blackwell & Art Sauder