Cottonwood Bark Carvings

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Cottonwood Bark Carvings

One - of - a - Kind Gnome Houses,

Tree Houses, Light Houses,

Pueblo's, Christmas Ornaments.

All Carved in Cotton Wood Bark.

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In The Round Carving
By Ales Janosik

Meet Ales Janosic
who has become famous in his home town of Stratford in PEI
Check out some of his carvings in the story links below.
You won't be disappointed.
Ales The Woodcarver's Blog 

G. Magazine Article

CBC News Story

Ales Jackelope

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John Moore Carvings click photo for John
Carved from N.W. Cottonwood Bark

It is for sale after Feb. 20th. I plan on entering it in competition at the Showcase of Woodcarvings hosted by the Charlotte Woodcarvers Club in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Size: 22" long x 8" wide x 3 1/4" deep.

John Moore Carvings


retired Fed./woodcarver
Location:  Osceola, Indiana
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on his website linked above.

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Tom Gow 520 Dean Road Greer, SC 29651

I have been carving since 1991 when I entered my first piece in a wood carving show and won a blue ribbon in the novice division. I carved my first piece in cottonwood bark five years ago and have been "hooked" on bark carving ever since.

The feature of carving in cottonwood bark I like the most is that every piece of bark has a different shape. I wait for the dominant ridges and features to speak to me to figure out what is hiding in the bark, waiting to be released. Each completed piece is an original, having a personality of it's own. I have taken classes from many of the national traveling instructors, and have attended The International Woodcarvers Congress in Davenport, Iowa three times. In addition to winning many blue ribbons, I have won Best of Open Division, Carver's Choice Awards, People's Choice Awards, Second Best of Show, and Best of Show. I have been teaching bark carving classes for four years and teach annually at The John C. Campbell Folk School.

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Mountain Goats
Susan Smith Carvings

Carvings by John Moore
Phone: 864 593-5345   E-mail:  


By Kimm Horsburgh


By Kimm Horsburgh

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By Kimm Horsburgh