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Thanks for good wood,it'sjust what I wanted______H.H.__TN USA 

Hi Lesly.  I just received and unboxed your recent shipment of bark.  You certainly lived up to your promise to make it up to me.  The bark is magnificent!  I could not be happier with it.  I am from the old school where people took pride in pleasing their customers and making good on customer commitments.  You and your business associates certainly believe in the same values.  You have a customer for life.  Thanks!!__WR_KY




Hi Lesly, just received my bark order and I just have to let you know how pleased I am with it.  This is the stuff of dreams.

I wish I could get a hundred pounds of it.   D.F.___BC, Canada


Hi, I got my cottonwood bark today and it is absolutely the nicest I have ever seen.

Thanks so much.

_C.M._AL, USA 

My package arrived today. Just like the last one, the bark looks great. Who  would have thought Christmas was in August.  I can’t wait to decide which one I start with. 
Thanks for your prompt completion of my order. I will be back for another in the near future.


Caitlin and Lesly,

I received my box of paired blocks cuts today. It exactly what I hoped it would be. As I get into using them, I'll take some photos and share them with you. 

Thank you for your follow through on this order. Having said that, I need to tell you, it is a pleasure doing business with you folks. All of my orders have been received in good condition with good bark in them. I continue to recommend you  guys to my bark carving friends.

Thanks again!
__J.P.__SC, USA


I am very happy with my shipment.  Thank you so much!

 S.J.__ AB, Canada 

Hey WCC,
My box of cottonwood arrived this afternoon and its fantastic, best I have seen in a long time!!
Thanks so much,
R.W.__ON, Canada

Hi Lesly,

I received my bark order. It is just what I wanted. I can make a lot of Halloween and Christmas ornaments from the bark ends. 

It is certainly a pleasure doing business with someone who delivers what they tell you they will!

Thank you,
J.P. __ TX, USA 

         I am absolutey delighted with my entire box of large bark! I look forward to ordering again in the future. It is simply wonderful,
         thank you.__ M.Z. _ OH, USA.

The bark arrived today in excellent condition, can't tell you how happy I am with this order.  Thought you might like to see what I do with the bark I buy from you... so I attached two photos for you to see.  Thanks again for the excellent service and great product!!


Hi Lesly,

I received the bark.  It's out of this world.  You all are extremely professional.  




Hi Lesly,

The box of cottonwood bark I ordered arrived yesterday (May 10).  It is gorgeous Smile

Thank you very much.

__G.R. -- Saskatchewan, Canada. 

Hi Lesly Just a shout out that the bark arrived andit fantastic.....Excellent pieces...

Looking forward to digging in

Thanks again for your patients... And great product

__G.L. - N.S. Canada 

Hi Lesley,

The last shipment I got from you guys was amazing.  Thanks again for the speedy delivery.  Next time I order I will be ordering some of your odd ball shaped bark.  I am going to attach some pictures of some of the creations I have made with the bark I ordered from you.

Thanks again,

__J.P. - Delta, BC 

Hello Lesly,
I got the invoice on Friday and the bark today - it is a huge box, I am excited to start working on it...

Thank You

__A.J. - PEI - Canada

Lesly! Check is on the way!! The class went great - everybody was amazed at the quality and size of the bark.  You guys rule!

__J.H. - OR.

Good morning Lesly,
I would like to place an order similar to the previous order, the bark is fantastic to work!
__I.M.   On, Canadai
WOW, got my bark this evening!  It looks wonderful!  Can't wait to get it to work and let my students at it.  Thank you SO much for your prompt delivery and all. 
Best regards,
__I.M.  On, Canada

Hey Lesly
Been crazy busy. I love the wood it's easy to carve and excellent quality! I will be buying more from you in the future.
Thank you!!
__M.J.- MS
Lesly, recieved bark.  Bark is a lot harder than what I am expierenced with.  is your bark normally hard or soft.
__R.L.- IL

Your bark is great, not flaky and doesn't split.
__R.B. - BC, Canada

Thats the first show we have done since getting the bark and  some of the carvers that use quite a bit of bark said it was the best they had ever seen.
__ R.W. NJ.

 I will only buy my bark from you.  By the way, the large piece you sent was excellent. I could use a couple more of them in the next order.
__J.C.  NJ

Hi Lesley:
Good Stuff!    very pleased with this order ...thanks very much
__D.M.  Ont, Canada

Lesly, I received the box of bark yesterday, wow, nice wood.  I now have a good supply. 
 __N.S.  Alta, Canada

Iesly:  got home and my wife had already picked up the bark, it looks great I will be carving in some of it this weekend.  I am sure we will do more business.  Thanks again for all your trouble.
__R.G.  WI.

The bark arrived this afternoon and it looks great!  You are my new source for bark.
Thanks a-bunch,
__T.G. SC.

hi lesly!
Dad thought it was absolutly fantastic!
 As soon as he finishes carving something i will send pictures!
__J.M.  Alta, Canada

Hi, Lesly    I am attaching photos of the 4 carvings I have made so far. With the holidays I have not had the time I would like to devote to carving.  I really like your bark, it is easy and fun to carve.  
__A.L.  NC 

Just wanted to let you know that the bark arrived safely.  It’s AWESOME!!!!!
__L.H.  GA.