Bark Purchase Entry

After completing a bark purchase you are eligible to enter the draw for a $100.00 credit towards your next purchase.  
To enter the draw, type as shown in the following sentence along with your order -
"Please Enter My Name for the Bark Draw"  

Each draw will take place on the last week of each month, pending a minimum of 5 entries received.  

Entries will be forwarded to the next month until there are 5 or more names. 
As you can see at times we don't receive enough entries and months will be skipped.
The winner will be displayed on this page after each draw.
Please note that it is up to youto check here
at the end of each month and notify us
to claim your prize and let us know that you are the winner.  
You will not be notified.
WINNER!  We finally had 5 names to draw from.
Jeff Jones is the February 2020 Name Draw Winner!

 Winner February 2020 - Jeff Jones!
WINNER October 2018, Louise Kress!
WINNER January 2018,   Kathy Kambouroff!
WINNER August 2017,   Mary Rosevear!
WINNER May 2017,   Harold Kaltenbach Winner!
Enter your name!  It's free!
If we don't have 5 names,
your name will be added to the next month. 

Congratulations Please Claim Your Prize!  
The winners name will only remain here for a short time.

Western Can.
"Carver of the Month
Photo Contest

& email me a photo. 

WOW My Judges Surprised with photo's of your latest cottonwood bark carvings and you could become Western Can's  Carver of the month. 
Win a $100.00 credit toward your next purchase of bark. 
You and up to 5 photo's of your cottonwood bark carvings will be highlighted on this page.
Be careful of the 5 photo's you enter at one time as they must not be entered into future contests.
Carvings must be done with cottonwood bark preferably ours and only one will be chosen for final judging.
If you have links you would like displayed to your work they will be placed here as well.
Email your photos to  
I will have several judges decide on a winner by viewing the photos while layed out and no names used.  
All entries must be submitted before the 15th of each month.  
I must receive 5 or more individuals' entries for each contest.  
If I don't receive 5, I will move all entries received to the next month until I have 5 or more.
 Tell your fellow carvers to help fill entries faster. You must come back and check this page for the winner after the 15th of the month, then notify us as the winner HERE 
Thank you so much to all participants!  I LOVE seeing ALL of the awesome works of art and glad I'm not the Judge.

Winner of March 2020 Carver of the Month
Nathan Keil! 

Accepting April 2020 - Carver of the Month Entries

We need 5 entries before the draw on the 15th of the month. 

Click Photo to See Entries 

November 2019 Winner of Carver of the Month
Ales Janosik! 


New Entries for Carver of the Month

5 entries needed 


May 2019 Winner of Carver of the Month
 Congratulations  Bruce Dalzell!

Carver of the Month
November 2019 Entries
Click photo to see all entries 

 Carver of the Month
Winner for January 2019 
Pat Pope 

Click Photo to see entries for May
May 2019 Carver of the Month Entries 

The September 2018 Carver of the month winner has been chosen! 

The final judge couldn't decide. 

This month we have a tie!  John Wiegers and Katherine Overcash

Congratulations John and Katherine!  Please contact me when you see this.

KatherineOvercash.jpgKatherine Overcash

JohnWiegers1.JPGJohn Wiegers

We finally have 5 different carver's entries

for January 2019

Western Can. Cottonwood Bark 


Congratulations Pat Pope! 

Thank you to all the carvers.  They are so awesome! 

Click Here To View Entries
Click Photo to see all entries 

The March 2018 Carver of the month winner has been chosen! 

Mike Mclaughlin, for his cabin. 

Congratulations Mike!  Please contact me when you see this.



 September 2018 CARVER OF THE MONTH Entries

Carver of the Month Winner November 2017
Congratulations Michelle Zoratti!
Please be sure to let us know you've seen this. 

By Michelle Zoratti

Western Can. Carver of the Month
March 2018 Entries

Carver of the Month Winner October 2017
Congratulations Don Blackwell & Art Sauder!
Please be sure to let us know you've seen this. 

Collaboration by Don Blackwell & Art Sauder
"The Engineer"

Western Can. Carver of the Month
November 2017 Entries

Carver of the Month Winner August 2017

Congratulations Alec Lacasse!
Please be sure to let us know you've seen this and claim your prize. 

Congratulations Alec Lacasse!
You are Western Can. Carver of the Month!

Western Can. Carver of the Month
October 2017 Photo Contest

Carving Contest Winner April 2017
Congratulations Leif Ellefson! 


Western Can. Carver of the Month
August 2017 Photo Contest

Western Can. Carver of the Month
 Winner December 2016
Congratulations Patrick Mullally!


Carving Contest Winner October 2016
Congratulations Barb Mount!

Carver of the Month

Barbara Summers - June 2016 Entry.


June 2016 Carving Contest Entry's

Other Entries